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Award-winning Tokyo-based music producer/composer/vocalist specializing in electro, trip-hop, and classical-new age crossover genres. Collaborated with leading Japanese musicians such as Fumiaki Miyamoto, Taro Hakase, Yoshiko Kishino, and Taku Iwasaki. Produced commercial music for Japan-based conglomerates, such as Kirin, Panasonic, and Olympus. Founder of the Japanese all-female a cappella group Ensemble Planēta.



Bachelor of Fine Arts–Department of Composition, Tokyo University of the Arts, 1988



Personal (producer/composer/arranger/vocals/background vocals/programing/recording engineer/mixing engineer) 

2002 Baroque 

2004 Psalm

2015 Choral-single

2017 IMITSU-single (ft. Minoru Sasaki)

2018 0315/0315 special edition-single

2018 Quiet Diary



As turan. (with Kenichiro Ueda, producer/composer/arranger/sound engineer/keyboardist/vocals)

2002 Nothing but


As Wabby & Sabian (with Maya Uchida, producer/composer)

2002 Wabby & Sabian


As D49, formerly Geisterbahnhöfe (with Hiroshi Matsui, producer/composer/arranger/sound engineer/keyboardist/vocals)

2016 Reinickendorfer S

2018 1st Limited Edition


As The Eccentric Opera (with Nami Sagara, composer/arranger/programing/keyboardist) *

1996 The Eccentric Opera

1996 Caro Mio Ben -single, maxi

1997 Hymne

1997 Irrésistiblement-single

1997 Noel

1997 First Noel-single

1998 Paradiso

1998 Fugue in G minor-single

1998 Sound of Nazca (best/collection, track 1)

1998 Voice of Japan (best/collection, tracks 4 & 7)

1998 Bolero-single

1998 We Love Mickey -Happy 70th Anniversary (best/collection, track 9)

1999 Duets (with Taro Hakase, track 4)


2001 CHROMOLITHE (best/collection, tracks 1 & 9)

2004 The Eccentric Opera BEST(best/collection)

2004 emu-most touching-(best/collection, track 12)

2006 emu2-most touching-(best/collection, track 12)


*Also seen in numerous best/collection albums by Pony Canyon Japan


Ensemble Planēta (producer/composer/arranger) **

2000 Ensemble Planēta

2002 Maident’s Lament

2003 Étoile

2003 Aria

2004 Romance

2005 Choral

2006 Largo

2009 A Capella- The Japanese Lyrical Songs

2013 Prayer-eternal harmony 

2015 Londonderry Air- Journey of European Folk Songs

2015 Platinum Best (best/collection)

2017 This Flower/Agnus Dei- Single


**Also seen in numerous best/collection albums by Pony Canyon Japan


Original motion picture soundtracks(producer/composer/arranger)

2001 Sound Collage-Otogirisou- (director: Ten Shimoyama)

2006 Day Dream (director: Hirotaka Takada)

2006 The Night of Taneyamagahara (director: Kazuo Oga)

2009 Il Vento e le Rose (director: Kyoko Kano) 

2010 Butterflista-Subete Wa Aino Koi- (director: Kyoko Kano)




1999 Avec Piano-Kanon-( best/collection, track 6, producer/composer/arranger)

2000 Descendants of Darkness Original Sound File: Crimson Moon (Tsuneyoshi Saito, vocals)

2000 Mirrorball Flare (Hiroshi Matsui, track 6, vocals)

2002 Air/Air-Limited Edition- (Fumiaki Miyamoto, producer/arranger)

2002 Hope (Melanie Ross, tracks 1 & 2, arranger)

2002 Siesta (Yoshiko Kishino, track10, producer/arranger)

2003 Clé (Clémentine, track 8, producer/arranger/background vocals)

2003 voyage ~relaxing best~ (best/collection, track 12, as Belladonna, producer/arranger/background vocals)

2004 Magic of Love (Nobuo Fujioka, producer/arranger/background vocals)

2004 Kessho (Yuiko, tracks 3 & 10, producer)

2005 Your (Yuiko, track 3, producer)

2006 Zeta (Takeomi Matsuura, arranger)

2007 20th Anniversary Symphonic Concert DVD (Asato Shizuki, tracks 4 & 17, producer/arranger)

2008 INORI/INORI-Limited Edition- (Asato Shizuki, producer/arranger)

2008 Yucca (Yucca, tracks 4 & 5, producer/arranger/background vocals)

2008 Kizuna-single (Kousuke Atari, track 3, composer)

2010 The Everlasting (Jisong, tracks 1, 2, & 3, producer/arranger/background vocals)

2010 Justess (Kyoko, track 4, producer/arranger/background vocals)

2015 Mas 30-single (Hiroshi Matsui, vocals)

2015 Mas 31-single (Hiroshi Matsui, vocals)

2015 Dawn-single (JHoneyBear, vocals)

2015 Dawn (moto-Azabu Underground Mix)-single (JHoneyBear, vocals)

2016 Bungo Stray Dogs soundtrack 02 (Taku Iwasaki, track 14, vocals)

2017 Totoganashi (Minami Kizuki, track 7, composer)

2018 Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE soundtrack (Taku Iwasaki, track 19, vocals)

2018 The Irregular at Magic High School, The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars soundtrack (Taku Iwasaki, track 12, vocals)
2018 Lord of Vermilion IV-Original Soundtrack (Taku Iwasaki, track 18, vocals)




Since 1995 Fuji Television Sunday at 2 p.m. "The Non-fiction" opening song[samsala]

1997 J-Wave 1997 Chrstmas Song- First Noel

1998 Tokyo animation "Time sky slasher NASCA" theme song Fugue of Love

1998 Tokyo drama "From the table down with love" theme song Bolero

NHK TV "Special News-Capital Region" theme composition, arrangement



1992 Media Opera – The Future of Awaji Island, with Katsuhiro Yamaguchi & Christophe Charles, Japan

1993 Japan Culture Festival (part of the “Tokyo Experimental Art Ensemble” concert), with Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, UNESCO Hall, Paris, France

2017 IMITSU by  Minoru Sasaki, Cyg Art Gallery, Morioka, Japan

2017 Media Opera 2017 & Exhibition Memorial Symposium , with Katsuhiro Yamaguchi & Christophe Charles, Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki, Japan



Hankyu 3rd Ave (original)

Tokyo Opera City Radio (Angels We Have Heard on High)

Olympus Digital Camera (Spring Feast)

Itoen/Oi tea (Kokorokarakaradakara, original)

Menard Cosmetics/ Phyllé (Eve's Song)

Menard Cosmetics/ Jupiter (della colpa mia, original)

Panasonic/ Digital World -overseas (Seranade)

Panasonic/Company Olympics(original) 

NTT Docomo Shikoku (Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, original)

Kirin Beer /Autumn (CIRCOLAR)

National/Beauty • Toilet (beauty, original) 




1987Japan Music Competition Composition Division 3rd place
1993 Locarno International Film Festival-Media Performance Award, winner

1987 The 56th Music competition of Japan, Composition (Chamber Music), 3rd place

nahoko kakiage 書上奈朋子
nahoko kakiage 2018
nahoko kakiage 書上奈朋子
nahoko kakiage
nahoko kakiage 書上奈朋子
nahoko kakiage 書上奈朋子
nahoko kakiage 書上奈朋子
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